Who should think about doing AEFA functional sessions and/or joining the AEFA Academy?

The AEFA Academy sessions are best suited for talented young boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 16 who are passionate about their football and want to commit to being the best they can be. We will educate and develop successful players from all ACT clubs and programs and surrounding regions, with total integrity and impartiality, and thereby enable them to play at the highest possible level.

Our highly accredited and experienced coaches will provide both “on demand” and functional academy training sessions. These sessions will include personal training (PT), technical skills, effective possession and team attacking / defending. Both single and regular academy sessions are offered, with players able to choose specific training sessions at a time that suits their personal calendar and other footballing commitments. This will allow dedicated young players to focus on the specific training that they need to enhance their development.

What is the difference between the “On Demand” sessions and the Academy program sessions?

Both access the same sessions according to the level (colour band) the player is assessed at, initially in the free trial.

Our ‘on demand’ sessions are purchased either one at a time or in a pack of ten and can be booked any time as required.

Academy sessions are booked for a certain number of sessions per week for either one quarter (10 or 12 weeks) or one year (42 weeks). Academy members are required to commit to their session/s each week, and receive additional online assessment to help their development (via S2S), discounted training costs and a training shirt.

Why do you have trials for players?

All AEFA players are assessed and then registered within distinct groups (aka bands), as defined by colours – yellow (lowest), green, blue, brown and orange (our highest level):

Similar to martial arts belts, these colours reflect the group deemed most suitable by the Head Coach for the player to enhance their development, based on various and multiple elements such as age, physical attributes, skills, experience and attitude. It is intended that all sessions be as competitive (and safe) as possible, and academy players will continually be re-assessed as they achieve their development objectives.  Importantly, these colours do NOT define the potential of any player.  All young players develop differently, at different times in different aspects.

Which AEFA Football Academy option is right for me?

The AEFA is determined to provide maximum flexibility for when (and how often) players can do sessions, and for what they want to work on.  As such, players are better able to choose Functional Academy sessions that meet their specific objectives while taking into account their other football, school and family commitments. These sessions cover individual technique, team play, game sense and football specific physical training (PT).

Single functional and PT ‘on demand’ sessions for individual players and groups / teams are available on a needs basis. Individuals can reduce their costs by purchasing a pack of ten sessions, able to be booked and used as and when required.

Regular Academy (member) sessions are available either quarterly or annually at a significant discount, either one, twice or three times per week. These Academy sessions must be booked in the S2S calendar each week no later than the day prior to the training.

Sessions can only be cancelled by 9am of the morning of the training, and must be re-booked within that week. That is, cancellations cannot be used as a credit in following weeks unless the session is cancelled by AEFA staff themselves.

Prices can be found at http://www.aefootballacademy.com.au/post-trial-application-form/

  • Academy members will be assessed on an ongoing basis by our Head Coach and will be placed in the development squad (defined by colours) that best meets their developmental needs.
  • Academy members will receive the benefit of supplementary online training and goal-setting to help their development (via S2S), discounted training costs and a training shirt.
  • Academy members may also be invited to access our pathways to professional football opportunities interstate and overseas, including regular high level international tournaments.  We are committed to a fully transparent cost structure for the latter.

Where can I do one on one sessions?

One on one sessions with our Head Coach are available on application at our regular training field (for insurance purposes). Other fields can be negotiated for (the pack of ten) regular sessions given sufficient notice and a field booking surcharge. One on one sessions are tailored to the specific requirements of the player.

How are players assessed for scholarships?

Players can be assessed for our scholarships following application or on an ongoing basis as a member of our Academy program.  AEFA are committed to ensuring players from families in need also have access to our program.  Players that successfully trial for our Academy program can apply for our scholarship program for talented players.  Each case will be assessed on its own merits, and it must be understood that additional expectations are placed on our scholarship players as part of the program.  Like our other academy players, the scholarship program is expected to be long term and require a significant commitment in time.

A scholarship player:

  • is committed to training and playing football.
  • is self-motivated and up for a challenge.
  • has the determination and desire to play at a high level.
  • has the courage and capacity to keep going when it gets tough.
  • is resilient and bounces back quickly.
  • is always respectful, encouraging and supportive of others.
  • Fully supports the AEFA Community engagement program.

What do we bring to a AEFA session?

Players are asked arrive early (so they can start on time) and to bring the following:

  • Boots
  • Shinguards (mandatory – a must have for insurance)
  • Black shorts and socks if available
  • Appropriate clothing for weather (hot/cold)
  • Plenty of water
  • Great attitude – a desire to listen and learn

How many AEFA sessions should a player do each week?

Every AEFA player in whatever age group will have their own capabilities, needs and other commitments to consider. This is why we offer significant flexibility to all our players in regards to what training they undertake and when.

Recent research conducted by Neeru Jayanthi, an expert on youth sports injuries (see below reference), indicates that when young athletes train/compete more hours per week than their age (eg: when a 12 years old train/compete 18h/week), the risk of overuse injury can increase by up to 70 %. Using an athlete’s age to guide the weekly training and competition volume is a simple and effective approach that can help maximize performance while promoting effective and injury-free athletic development.

Many players already have a significant workload with club and possibly representative football, and coaches are often the last to know what the young players did over the previous 24 – 48 hours at school or elsewhere, and at what intensity. Parents (or guardians) should have the final say on players’ workloads, and we will be heavily reliant on their decisions. This approach parallels research (see below) on self-reported wellness that found that asking players to complete a self-reported wellness questionnaire is a reliable and accurate method to identify athletes’ readiness to train, and to measure the impact of non-sport stressors on the recovery process.

Neeru Jayanthi: Sports specialized risks for reinjury in young athletes: a 2+ year clinical prospective evaluation http://bjsm.bmj.com/content/51/4/334.2, 2017