Academy Groups and Assessments

Welcome to the Pathway to Professional Football Academy (P2P FA) extended family.  Our Directors, Coaches and Consultants are here to help you with your commitment to be the best football player you can be.  Indeed, your development is our passion.

All P2P FA players will be assessed and then registered within distinct groups (aka bands), as defined by the following colours (in order):

Similar to martial arts belts, these colours reflect the group deemed most suitable by the Head Coach for the player to enhance their development, based on various elements such as age, physical attributes, skills, experience and attitude.

Importantly, these colours do NOT define any players’ potential to succeed.

  Orange Squad

Based on the P2P FA package players have registered for, they can elect to participate in up to three sessions per week at the colour band they have been assessed at, or in the one below that band.  For example, Blue players can attend Green sessions, but not vice versa.

All assessments are conducted by our Head Coach, initially in the appropriate “age group” session, and then on an ongoing basis through weekly academy training.  P2P FA place a strong emphasis on character, commitment and a demonstrated understanding of football concepts (insight) as well as technique as part of all their player evaluations.

Players can thus progress through the bands as they achieve personal objectives in their Development Plan.