Athletic Performance

The Australian Elite Football Academy (AEFA) can provide professional football specific athletic performance training on both a one to one as well a team or group basis.  Incorporating unstable surfaces in strength-training exercises is highly recommended, in particular in youth (Behm & Colado-Sanchez, 2013).

A recent study sought to investigate changes in neuromuscular and athletic performance following core strength training performed on unstable compared with stable surfaces in youth soccer players.[1]  Following core strength training under unstable surfaces (e.g., Thera-Band® Stability Trainer, Togu© Swiss ball) together with regular soccer training, enhancements in trunk muscle strength and proxies of athletic performance (i.e., jump height, sprint time, agility time and kicking performance) were observed.

The study found that in-season core strength training under unstable conditions is both feasible and safe for (high performing) youth soccer players, and can successfully be implemented to improve athletic performances.  Further, using unstable devices and/or surfaces during core strength training guarantees training stimulus variety with no disadvantage compared with stable devices/surfaces.

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