The Australian Elite Football Academy (AEFA) can provide professional football specific strength training on both a one to one as well a team or group basis.

Strength is thought to plays a role in injury prevention as well as in football performance in male and female adult and youth players.  Reporting on  indicates that leg strength is significantly correlated with team success and high-intensity actions during football matches.

Generally, strength training is a specific type of resistance training, as well as power and endurance training. As a result, resistance training can have the purpose to improve the strength, power or muscular endurance of the players. Depending on the goal of the resistance exercise, training needs to be appropriately directed.

Parts (muscles) of the body that should be trained for football are: legs, the core and part of the upper body, such as the shoulders.  Effective strength training will see improvements in strength, speed, jump, kicking and agility.

PT sessions, conducted by our Head Coach, must be booked with AEFA at