AEFA P.A.S.S. Squad

About P.A.S.S. Australia.

Who are we?

The Australian Elite Football Academy (AEFA) and The Pathway to Professional Football Academy (P2PFA) have partnered to devise an initiative called P.A.S.S.

Both private Football Academies coach boys and girls across ACT and regional NSW.

Professional Aspiration Squad Sessions (PASS) is a talent identification program that has personnel with the highest Football qualifications, licences and experience who can identify talent.

Our credentials cover a wide range of expertise that include the UEFA A Licence in Football Coaching, The FFA Football Intermediary Licence and reputable professional contacts across Australia the UK, Europe and USA.

Who is it for?

Boys and Girls aged 14-18 who have been identified as excelling at Football in ACT and regional NSW and have an aspiration of being a professional football player.

24 boys and 16 girls will be selected and invited to P.A.S.S. in year one and two (2021 & 2022).

Talent Identification to P.A.S.S.

Our evolving DNA aims to develop players with outstanding personal characteristics across the Football 4 Corner Model for player development. Additionally, the Youth Development Phase DNA (Age 14-18) aims to support the long-term development of all youngsters who choose to play the game.

By fostering a positive relationship between each young person, physical activity and football, coaches can help the youngsters fulfil their potential as both players and people.

The Four Corner Model.

The assessment criteria includes a holistic model to youth phase player development that will Include:

1 – Technical Skill Level

2 – Advanced Game Understanding

3 – Physical Attribute

4 – Psychological / Social personality

What is involved?

1 – Those identified will partake in training camps during holidays enhancing understanding of strategies and systems of play via on and off field learning.

2 – A Boys squad and a Girls squad will train for the opportunity to be considered for future national and overseas ventures.

3 – Each player will be assisted in building an individual player profile to optimise their reputation across the football world.


1 – Two days each holiday (two days for girls and two days for boys)

Goals and Expectations

The Australian Elite Football Academy (AEFA) will provide a flexible and player-centred learning environment that supports young players in learning the game they love, and also aims to encourage and challenge them to be respectful members of our community.

Our intent is to educate and develop talented players from all ACT /NSW NPL/CPL,  junior clubs and representative programs.  Those that are selected for our elite program, known as P.A.S.S, will demonstrate good touch, passing and dribbling skills, make effective use of possession, possess good game sense and strong commitment, look to impact the game and communicate well.  These players will receive free high level support from our Consultants in Sports Science and Mindfulness as well as access to an individualised payment scheme that reflects their ability to access the program.

Our Head Coach Mr Ian Worthington will provide functional Academy training sessions to the P.A.S.S geared towards professional football.  Sessions will include personal training (PT), technical skills, effective ball possession and team attacking / defending.  All P.A.S.S. Squad Players are able to choose specific training they require at times that suits their needs. P.A.S.S.

Please note that this special program will involve significant ongoing training commitments, some potentially during school hours in the morning.