Mental Training

The Australian Elite Football Academy (AEFA) can provide professional football specific mental strength training on both a one to one as well a team or group basis.

The mental edge that drives Premier League soccer players to succeed from a young age, including dealing with criticism, confronting challenges after repeated failures, and not being intimidated by others, has been outlined by researchers.[1]

“… mentally tough players demonstrated a commitment to learning, had a strong level of trust with their coach, were more compliant with instructions and were always seeking ways to improve,” researchers found.

The study also revealed that discipline off the field, such as sacrificing normal teenage life to ensure the chance of success, also contributed to future triumphs.

The researchers found the mentally toughest players were more independent, taking greater personal responsibility for their development.  Academy recruits are subject to tough physical training drills, high expectations and sometimes harsh criticism, coaches said.  In contrast, young players who were high maintenance, requiring a lot of supervision, support, or relying on others to solve their problems were less likely to make it to the top of their profession.

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