Stage 3.2 – Return to Play P2P FA Summer Program (updated 12/10/2020)

This Stage 3.2 Return to Play plan is provided by the Pathway to Professional Football Academy (P2P FA).

This plan outlines our operational delivery of training as part of the P2P FA Summer Program.

This plan will commence on 12/10/2020

The P2P FA contact responsible for this plan is:

Philip Van Dissel, Director of Administration at

P2P FA acknowledges that this plan is in accordance with the Capital Football COVID-19 Stage 3.2 – Summer Football Guidelines, and is aware of the hygiene and safety aspects of return to training.



Due to the impact of COVID-19, all football activities were suspended from 18 March 2020 until at least 31 May 2020. Since this suspension began, P2P FA has been planning and preparing for a return to football when it is safe, and the suspension is lifted.

P2P FA has a responsibility to protect not just the football community, but the broader community in the ACT and surrounding regions, and to assist in preventing any outbreaks of COVID-19 where possible. We as a football academy, including players, coaches, staff, volunteers and parents/guardians, must play a role if we are to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

The resumption of football activities is subject to the provisions of each State/Territory government and/or Local Public Health Authorities. For sport in the ACT, it is the ACT Government. It is important to note that clubs are required to comply with the public health advice for the state/territory in which they reside.

CovidSafe App

P2P FA supports the Australian Government’s COVIDSafe app and strongly encourages all participants of Summer Football to download the app.

General Precautions


Participants (including players, parents, spectators, coaches, referees, volunteers) are not to return to matches if in the past 14 days they have:

  • Felt unwell
  • Have any flu-like symptoms
  • Travelled internationally
  • Travelled to Victoria
  • Travelled to any of the reported case locations listed on the NSW Health Website
  • Been exposed to a person with COVID-19
  • Been tested for COVID-19 and have not yet received the results (please see COVID-19 Protocol)
  • Have a medical condition or at an age that puts you in the high-risk category Hygiene
  • Ensure spaces, surfaces and objects at each venue are regularly cleaned
  • Promote regular and thorough hand washing by P2P FA and team officials and participants
  • Encourage people to bring hand sanitiser
  • No sharing of pens or clipboards, participants must bring their own to venues
  • No sharing of drink bottles
  • Ensure bins are provided around the venue Behaviour
  • Cover mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
  • If using tissues, place them directly in the bins provided
  • No spitting at any time

What is permitted during training and games

The following is permitted at the venue and during training / games:

  • Full competitive and non-competitive matches are permitted within the normal Laws of the Game
  • Where possible, players should come ready to play
  • Play only – get in, play, get out
  • Social activities when games have concluded are discouraged. Club meetings must be limited to essential gatherings and within the government’s guidelines
  • Spectator areas to meet gathering restrictions (In ACT no more than 200 per venue this includes participants and spectators but excludes staff and officials)
  • No more than 2 spectators per player.
  • One person per two square meters of usable space for each outdoor space (do not exceed 200 people)
  • Promote physical distancing of 1.5 metres between spectators

What is NOT permitted during training and games

The following is NOT permitted at the venue and during training / games:

  • Handshakes before and after
  • Team huddles and high fives
  • Multiplayer goal celebrations
  • Spitting
  • Sharing of equipment including drink bottles, towels, shin pads and bibs.
  • Use of change rooms

Academy Operations at Venue


  • Spectators are to remain 3 to 5 metres from the playing area.
  • No more than 2 spectators per player.


There will be no canteen/food van available during Summer Football training.


  • Toilets will be opened on request and regularly checked for cleanliness.